Village show 2020

Bishopsteignton Village Show

This year 2020 was to be the 25th Anniversary of the Bishopsteignton Village Show, but due to the current pandemic with its uncertainties and continuing social distancing we have decided to postpone the 25th Anniversary celebration to September 2021.  However, knowing the satisfaction and enjoyment of sharing displays of nurtured flowers, home grown fruit & vegetables,  floral arrangements, handicraft & domestic achievements brings, and our pleasure of seeing beautiful coloured children’s paintings may we invite you to share and celebrate these achievements in a different way this year and so keep the spirit of the Bishopsteignton Village Show alive.

Over the coming months through the summer we would like to dedicate each week to a different category aligned to the Village Show. We invite you to send a digital photograph of something you have grown or made and are proud of during the appropriate week and we will share them on the Bishopsteignton Village Show website and Facebook page.  We would also like to invite our children to make a colourful picture and put them in the windows of the Community Centre to create a happy colourful exhibition that may be viewed on your daily walk around the village.

2020 is an historic year, let us record, embrace and celebrate the best of (the) Bishopsteignton. (Village Show)

Thank you for your support

Village Show 2020 Schedule June-2
Village Show 2020 Children

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